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Les Gorges du Verdon, dug by the waves for thousands of years, are today the largest canyon in Europe. It is in this region that we are located. Magnificent and wild, going up to 700 meters deep, they have been somewhat transformed by the hydro-electric dams which have allowed the creation of the various lakes that line them.

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Discover Gorges du Verdon

Les Gorges du Verdon, Verdon Gorge, carved out over thousands of years by the waters of the River Verdon, is today one of the largest canyons in Europe.

Some parts of the gorge are as much as 700m deep.

The Verdon flows into 5 lakes: Castillon, Sainte Croix, St Laurent, Quinson and Esparron-de-Verdon.

Visit the Gorges from the campsite

The Gorge is divided into two distinct parts. The first is the upper gorge, otherwise known as the Grand Canyon which runs from Castellane to Moustiers-Sainte-Marie boasting breath-taking views with great spots for canyoning and hiking (a good level of experience necessary).

The second is the lower gorge which runs from le lac de Sainte Croix to le Lac d’Esparron de Verdon. First, there are les Gorges de Baudinard which are small but very beautiful and wild, then the magnificent and well-preserved Gorges d’Esparron de Verdon between Quinson and Esparron.

There are no rapids here so you can peacefully boat or canoe down the gorge without too much difficulty. The end of the gorge opens out onto le Lac d’Esparron where our campsite is located.

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The surroundings of the Gorges du Verdon