Naturist Spa in Provence and into the Verdon

For your pleasure, we are creating a beautiful Naturist Spa & Wellnes area this winter, near the heated swimming-pool. We haven’t yet pictures about it because it’s in building, but believe me, we will do our best to integrate the area inside the nature around.

piscine chauffée verdon

Spa and Wellness Naturist Area

Here we are ! Surprise ! Un wonderful naturist Spa. Predicted to 6 people, it’s ideal to relax and enjoy it’s holidays. Some massaging jet or bubbles systhem, then… there is every thing you want for a good well-being session.

Then, the best : a wonderful little Sauna, welcoming 6 to 8 people. It will reheat you during you nice spring or end of summer evenings. Good for your health, this nordic tradition is wonderfully well adapted to the naturism.

Moreover, the sauna will be equiped by a cold shower at the outside.

Splendid, isn’t it ?

A naturist massage room

We will also add to this complex a massage room inside, so even when it will be a windy or rainning day, you can be massaged inside. On this way, Julie, Solene and Samy massages will not loose their benefits.

You will enjoy to choose between being massaged with the cicadas sing or a relaxing music, with a well-being massage as californian, or more deeped with an ayurveda massage. Our masseur are specialist or the relaxation.

The access to the Wellness Spa & Area will be fee, 5€ by person for one hour of benefits. We advise you to book because we will not allow more than 8 people in the same time. The regulation of the campsite is the same inside the Spa.

massage nudiste verdon
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