Naturism, its practices and definitions

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What is naturism ?

What is naturism? What are the ‘rules’? How does someone become a naturist? These are, no doubt, some of the many questions that you may be asking yourself to which I shall endeavour to give you an answer.

The naturist movement become popular during the post-war years, the 1970s in particular. It was out of this that Le Camping Naturiste Verdon Provence came into being in 1967. The campsite has continued to grow ever since and has been enjoyed by several generations of naturists.

Firstly, you must forget all your preconceived ideas about naturism.

Understanding naturism

Naturism is the fact of being naked, but not just that. Naturism is more of a state of mind than merely a state of undress. As a naturist, one’s desire is to be close to nature and respectful of the environment. Being naked allows the individual to exist in harmony with the natural world in which he or she is constantly evolving.

What is more, naturism allows us to let down the barriers that we put up against others, but how exactly? Through the absence of clothing. Our clothes can be an indicator of wealth, so without them, in order to find out about each other, we need to actually talk and interact and by doing so, our human side wins through! This, in turn, evokes a friendly atmosphere in which people are happy to interact and where friendships are formed more easily than they would be in a conventional (clothes-wearing) holiday destination.

Being naked helps us to accept ourselves and our bodies as they are. We no longer need to be embarrassed! No one is perfect.

Did you enjoy this article and has it made you consider giving naturism a go? Come and try it out for a day! If, after trying, you feel it is not for you, we will let you leave … but, if you enjoy the experience, it will be you who doesn’t want to leave!

For more information visit la Fédération Naturiste Française. (In French only)

If we still haven’t managed to convince you to become a naturist, alternatively, you can visit our partner campsite: Camping la Beaume in Esparron-de-Verdon.

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