• Festivities Shedule of the 50th anniversary

    Hello Everyone!
    As you know, this year, the campsite will blow out its 50 candles. We thank you a lot for all these beautiful seasons spent with you, and all these
    convivial and good mood times.
    But be carreful! It’s not finished! More beautiful years will arrive, so we will celebrate with dignity our fifty years.
    This is the festivities shedule. Somes others surprises can be add next weeks, so be watchful.
    • On the 25/06 : Open Day! Enjoy this opportunity to make your friends discovered the naturism.


    • On the 26/07 : Big Petanque Competition! Numerous prizes to win.


    • On the 01/08 : Campers’ Show! It’s your turn to be nice with us and show your talents on stage. The campsite team will surprise you with an unforgetable show.


    • On the 11/08 : Birthday Party! The music group Tertio will make us danse until the end of the night.


    We hope to welcome you this year to live with you these wonderful moments.
    See you soon,
    Mélanie and all the Campsite Team