• Covid19 and its impact on your booking

    Good morning, everyone!

    We hope you’re all well.
    Here, everything is fine, don’t worry. Spring is here, we’re preparing the campsite for your arrival.

    Opening postponed

    You should know that we were unable to open on April 25 as planned because of Covid19, but you suspected that. At this point, we do not know when we will be able to open. We’re waiting for the government to give us a date, and we’ll probably know on Tuesday, May 31. We hope open on the 2nd of june.

    A credit note in case of cancellation for “cause of force majeure”

    I’m sure you’ve all heard about the legislation passed to help manage the Covid19 crisis. It’s explained here:
    If you have booked a stay between 15 March and 2 june (for the moment, it doesn’t go any further, but it will probably be extended on the date fixed for the opening of the accommodation), the accommodation provider can give you a credit note for the amount already paid, valid for 18 months, which you can use for a future stay. In this way, you do not lose your deposit, and you allow your favourite campsites and hotels to keep their cash flow intact.
    If your stay is after June 16th (date where we hope some borders will open), we thank you for your patience. Having an opening date is essential for us in order to establish the credit notes. Moreover having a date of the ending border closing is also important, to know when you can come from your country. Thank you for your understanding! For july and August (and after), we are sure you can come, because Europe is building an agrement for all Schengen Space (as it you can travel everywhere).

    Bientôt la fin du covid19

    Towards rapid opening

    But don’t worry, we’re ready! All we have to do now is make last-minute preparations. The pre-opening cleaning, the installation of the deckchairs, the terrace… Everything else is done! As soon as we have an opening date, we will be able to open and we will welcome you with a smile.
    Maybe a few things will change because of the covid19 : no more kisses, distance of 1 meter please, disinfection of the toilets and common areas etc… But the most important thing is to see you again, to start again with a smile, and to enjoy camping with you.
    It’s true, at the moment we have 33 hectares for ourselves alone, it’s a bit much anyway, isn’t it?

    Would you like to make a reservation?

    Nothing could be simpler! Go to the Accommodation page so that you can reserve a pitch or a rental. If you hesitate to book because you’re afraid the crisis will last longer, you can choose to pay the deposit at the end of the confinement by choosing the payment method transfer. You will then pay your deposit within ten days of the end of confinement.

    While waiting for our opening, you can find all our news on our Facebook.
    See you soon, with a smile.

    Mel, Antho and Ariane